I have a confession. I get my nails done a LOT. I have been traveling a lot this summer, from LA to Alaska and beyond, and every time I go somewhere I like to have my nails done. I just feel so much more put together and polished when they are primped and painted. There are a few etiquette rules I always stick to at the salon to make sure it is a pleasant experience for everyone involved. 😉

  1. Be polite: You want to respect the nail technician working with you. If you have a request, like you want your nails filed a little bit more or need a smudge fixed, ask nicely and they will be happy to fix it for you!800e5b0c-aa39-4f85-b36c-d795da3124f7-340_q60
  2. Smell good: Before you get a pedi, shower! You want your feet to smell pleasant, not like old dirty socks!
  3. Hang up: When you are getting your nails done, put your phone away! Getting a mani/pedi is supposed to be a relaxing experience, and when there are gabbing people sitting next to you it can drive you crazy! Don’t be that person! 😉
  4. Silence it: This goes with #3, keep your phone on silent! Nobody wants to hear your phone tweeting, beeping, and honking while they are trying to relax!
  5. Tip: Just like any service, you need to tip when you get your nails done. If you got great service, show your appreciation!

XOXO, Chels