Hey everyone!

School and work are two of the main causes of stress nowadays.  Homework, grades, work, friends, and relationships are just a few of the endless reasons teens and adults are exhausted and highly stressed out.  In addition to long, tiring days, stressing can lead to negative behavior.  To help change your mood from negative to positive, here are a few ways to help you boost your mood!Chelsea Crockett - Boost Your Mood

  • Soak up the sun!  Research shows that the sun actually does boosts your mood!  In fact, the sun can even help with depression.  Getting at least 30 minutes of sunlight a day will guarantee a change in your attitude. 
  • Catch some ZZZ’s!  No one likes to go through a day of school or work exhausted.  Lack of sleep often leads to irritations and carelessness.  I know how hard it is to attempt to do your homework if you continue to doze off!  So, next Saturday, don’t be afraid to sleep in!
  • Eat some chocolate!  Sounds crazy, right?  Scientists say that chocolate can release mood-boosting chemicals in the brain that make us happier.  Even the taste and smell of chocolate can help give your mood a lift.
  • Keep busy!  I don’t mean to be booked every hour of the day, but finding something you love to do can keep your mind off things that bring you down.  Take music for example.  If you love music, try learning the piano or guitar.  Discovering something you find passionate will open your eyes to new things and boost your mood!

How do you keep happy?  Let me know below!

Love, Chels