Acne, birth marks, and facial injuries can leave our skin looking a little rough.  Finally the zits have gone away, but the scars left are no fun either.  There are many beauty products that claim to reduce scarring, but these products can be expensive and usually contain a lot of chemicals.  Luckily, there are so many natural ways to reduce scarring on your own for half the cost!  By using these products you can safely reduce scarring, while not hurting your skin.

            Many scars are darker than our normal skin tone making it easy for them to be spotted.  Lemon juice, a natural bleach aid, can be rubbed on the scars to lighten the color.  Apply the lemon juice twice a day for 15 minutes before rinsing off with water.  Do this until you are happy with the results!  Ice and aloe are two natural ways to get rid of scars as well.  Although it can be cold and a little painful, rubbing ice on your scars for 15 minutes a day can help tighten the skin.  Apply ChelseaCrockett- icealoe gel to new scars to prevent permanent scarring.  You can even apply this to the scars after the ice has been removed.

If you’ve seen some of my latest videos, then you’ve probably heard me talk about tea tree oil.  It works like magic and can found at almost any drug store!  I’ve been applying it to my acne scars and have watched them disappear.  Remember, getting rid of scars does not happen overnight.  Be patient, apply the proper treatment, and watch the scars fade away.



Tea Tree Oil-