Nature is a girl’s most important beauty asset. Nature has so much to offer when it comes to our beauty regimen! Here are three of nature’s best beauty secrets:

1. Strawberries: Did you know strawberries can be used to whiten your teeth? How cool is that! They are also great for decreasing the appearance of large pores. Who knew strawberries could do all that?Strawberries

2. Lemons: When you drink some lemon in your water, it actually helps cleanse your body! They can also help with digestion. Lemons are also great to use on your skin as a cleanser, toner, and lightener!

3. Brown sugar: Brown sugar is actually a pretty great exfoliant! It is perfect to use on those with sensitive skin. And, it smells totally delish!

Nature is your best friend when it comes to everything beauty related! The more natural ingredients you can use on your body the better, because when you go all natural you know what is in the product and you know there are no nasty chemicals or additives!


Get your nature on!

XOXO, Chels