Contentment is a huge issue in our culture. We constantly want more, different, newer, better things than we already have. We let our wants distract us from the blessings right in front of us.

We’ve seen it happen to people from friends and family to popular celebrities. They get so caught up in seeking more and more material possessions and popularity and they lose the best things that they already have. As a Christian, it is important to never let the things you want distract you and blind you from the blessings you have been graciously given.

Paul tells us in Philippians 4:19 “But my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” God has not promised to give us everything we want, but he has promised to give us what we need. How lucky are we that we have been given LIFE? Don’t let what you strive for take away that life from you. When we are continuously seeking more and more, our freedom is taken from us. We are trapped in a cycle of working for more and more, and somewhere along the way we let happiness and fulfillment walk out the door.

Why not make the best of every good thing that we have been given? Why try and be someone else when God has made you to be exactly who he meant for you to be? You are an original, not a copy. There is no one like you in this world.

It is so exhausting to try and keep up with fashion trends, beauty trends, technology trends, social media trends, fancy cars, fancy houses, and all of the things our world seems to idolize and set above everything else. Instead of striving for the next thing and the next, why not focus on having gratitude for what we have already worked for and call “ours”? I can remember being so worried about keeping up with all of the fashion and beauty trends that I would never want to wear the same thing twice and was constantly wishing I had outfits of the girls on Instagram. What I soon realized was that they are probably thinking the same thing of someone else. They probably wish they had someone else’s clothes or hair or car.

Once I started practicing an attitude of gratitude and contentment, life became so much simpler. I started appreciating the things I already had. Many people around the world have so much less and are happy and joyful. I saw this when I went to Haiti. They are grateful to just be alive!

What if we all lived like that?