There are some beauty products that I absolutely HAVE to splurge on (Urban Decay eyeshadow, I am taking about you!). There are others that you can really save on, too. These are products that are the same quality whether they are bought at Walgreens or Sephora, and the “off brand” products are the same as the “name brand” products. If you are looking to save some money on cosmetics, here are some products  you should never splurge on.


  1. Eyeliner: If you use pencil eyeliner the formulas don’t change much from drug store brands to high-end brands, so if you are looking for pencil liner look no further than your neighborhood Walgreens!
  2. Mousse: If you use hair moose the cheaper brands are actually better! They are better on the budget and reportedly work better than mousse sold by the top brands in the business.Screen-Shot-2014-10-18-at-1.20.07-AM
  3. Lip balm: We have all been tempted to pay $15 for that good smelling, shimery lip balm from Sephora. But, as fast as you go through lip balm, you want to keep in mind how fast that price can add up! The base ingredients of lip balms, like the oils and waxes, don’t change based on price! The ingredients are the same.
  4. Brow products: If you want your brows to be on fleek, look no further than the drug store. They will have the same products as the cosmetic counter at Sephora but for half the price.


I love finding ways that I can save money, especially when it comes to makeup! Why not save on something that we use every day!

XOXO, Chels