You may or may not have heard of the newest ice roller beauty trend.  If you haven’t, well then you’re in for a treat!  I’ve always heard that ice and coolness can help certain aspects of your skin such as dark circles, wrinkles, etc.  Here’s a little insight on why you should try it out for yourself!

As I’ve said already, applying ice to breakouts, morning under-eye bags, etc. can reduce redness and swelling.  Chelsea  Crockett - Ice RollersSo with that being said, I was super intrigued when I first heard about ice rollers.  It’s described as an inexpensive cooling therapy for your skin that is proven to result in many noticeable benefits!  Applying the coolness of an ice roller increases blood flow, which reduces redness, inflammation, and tightens your skin.

If you break it down, it’s actually a very simple product.  Ice rollers are either filled with gel or water and kept in the freezer to maintain their temperature.  They have many short and long term benefits including wrinkle and pore reduction and minimizing puffy morning eyes!  Some are as cheap as $15 while others can creep up to $70 or $80!

Ice rollers are a much bigger product in Asia and Europe than they are in America, but they are starting to make their debut!  Buy one and watch the magic happen for yourself!

XO – Chelsea