At Beautycon last weekend, I got to take home a NYX beauty bag filled with tons of wonderful NYX products! One of which was the soft matte lip cream. I brought home not only one of these but around ten different colored creams! I wanted to give you a little review based off of my personal usage of it :).Chelsea Crockett - NYX Lip Cream

I was super excited to try out this product to see if it was all it claimed to be. I had tried matte lip creams before, some good and some not-so-good, so I was curious to see how this cream would compare to the rest. I gotta say, it was amazing! Only about 10-15 seconds after I applied it, the cream started to dry and looked perfect! There wasn’t any cracking or rubbing off, even after I licked my lips or took a drink. Even the pastel purple color covered all off my pink lips. The cream settled to a matte finish and was one of the only few matte creams to actually work the way it was supposed to!

NYX’s soft matte lip cream was definitely one you should try out for yourself! I promise, you won’t regret it :).

XO, Chelsea