Saving money can be one tough ordeal!  Going to the mall or out to dinner can be deadly for your bank account.  You plan on buying one shirt and end up with three!  Of course it’s easy to spend your money, but is it really worth it?  There are plenty of painless ways to save money that will make your wallet smile!

  • Do you like to work out?  Use it as a goal to save money!  Every time you complete a work out, put a dollar in a jar.  By the end of the year, you should have a couple hundred dollars saved up.
  • Skip the appetizer or dessert.  Some restaurants charge around $10 for one dish!  If you do this often, you’ll be saving up money in no time.
  • Bring a set amount of money with you wherever you go!  If you know you only want to spend $50, but know that you get tempted easily, only bring $50 to the mall with you!  This way, you won’t spend all your money in one day.
  • Think before you buy!  If you want something that is a little more expensive, don’t buy it right away!  Continue shopping or go home and buy it the next day if youChelsea Crockett- money really want it.  Impulse buys can drain the bank.
  • Borrowing is the way to go!  Instead of buying an outfit that you will wear one night, try borrowing an outfit from one of your friends.

Although saving money may be tough, it’ll be worth it in the end!  Happy saving!