When you hear of lipstick, most of you are probably used to wearing or seeing the classic colors like hot pink or red.  Lately, a new trend of lipstick colors have arrived and I love them!  Between light pink, lavender, and light coral, pastels are the summers hottest lip colors! Chelsea Crockett- light pink lip

Pastels can be tricky to wear.  Since the color is so light, it shows everything…I’m talking about dryness and cracked lips.  Before trying on a pastel lip color, be sure to exfoliate your lips.  If you don’t have lip scrub, try rubbing a damp washcloth in a circular motion on your lips.  This is an easy way to get the effects of a lip scrub.  Pastel lipstick can also wash you out.  Since most of us are tan in the summer, trying out a pastel lip color during the summer months is ideal!

If you’re going to try a pastel lip, don’t wear a pastel outfit.  This is where most people go wrong!  Try wearing cream, white, and nude colors to offset your lipstick!  This way, your outfit will still be light without being too “matchy”.  Be daring this summer with a pastel lip!  Who knows, maybe you’ll start a new trend in your town!