Hi Girls,

            The holidays are one of my favorite times to dress up and look my best!  It’s the perfect time to throw on a new outfit, curl my hair, and go all out with my makeup.  So what type of makeup look should you go for?  I’ve got two makeup looks that will go with any holiday outfit!

            My first holiday look reminds me of the cold winter weather and snow!  I love to wear deep blues, purples, and silver during the winter months.  Start by doing your foundation as you normally would.  Next, apply a light purple eye shadow to your eyelids adding a darker purple to the outer parts of your eyelids.  For added brightness, take a shimmery white or silver to your inner eye and along your bottom lashes.  This creates the illusion of brighter, sparkling eyes!  Complete your look with mascara and clear or nude lip gloss for an icy finish!Chelsea Crockett- red lipstick

            The second holiday go-to makeup is a classic!  I love a red lip for the holidays!  Once again, apply your foundation as you normally would and add a hint of blush to your cheeks.  Next, go for a winged eye look for a classic twist.  Using liquid liner, start the line narrow, getting wider and wider as you go out.  Apply mascara and bold red lip stick and you’re good to go!  Have a wonderful holiday!