So, here is the deal. You wore this super cute outfit out with your friends, and are feeling supa-fine. You all take a picture together, they post it, and you look at it later and think “holy cow, did I really look like THAT?!” We have all had that happen to us. Our outfit looks great in the mirror or on the hanger, but when we see our self later in a pic, we realize it was less than flattering. To avoid this happening to you ever again, here is a list of the most photogenic clothes!

  1. Fitted sweater: Even in the spring and summer, a sweater can be worn quite stylishly with a skirt or shorts! I know we all loooove our oversized sweaters and blouses, but save them for a day when you know you won’t be needed in any photos because they add bulk to your frame. If you just cannot part with your oversized tops, then tuck them into a pair of highrise shorts or jeans to show off your waist.115847-d-black-0
  2. A midi skirt: As we have discussed, I love midi skirts. They are a great equalizer that works for everyone and are appropriate for every occasion. They cinch your waist and make it look slim, then flairs out to give you shape!
  3. Strappy heels: These shoes are so popular right now- from the red carpet to prom to date night! A two strap heel, like the ones in the picture, straightens your posture, lengthens your legs, and if you choose a nude pair they go with everything!
  4. Off-the-shoulder: I have written about these before… I love them so much! They are so flattering because they show off your shoulders and collarbones while disguising your upper arms, which are the widest part of your arms.

If you know you are going somewhere where you know you will be photographed, use this guide to choose your ensemble!

XOXO, Chels