In the summer time, do you automatically morph into a mermaid? Do you spend every waking moment in the pool? If you said yes to these two statements, then I need you to grab your listening ears! The pool/ocean can do a number on your hair if it is not properly treated. Your hair can become dried out, and even turn green if you don’t care for it properly! Here are some post-pool hair care tips to keep your mane nice and healthy.

  1. Swimmers shampoo: If you are a frequent swimmer, then this is definitely a good investment. This stuff takes all of the chlorine and chemicals out of your hair so that it doesn’t turn green and totally dry out.
  2. Deep conditioner: Use this stuff twice a week if you are an avid swimmer. After you shampoo and rinse your hair, put in some deep conditioner and let it sit around 5 minutes in your hair. While it is in your hair you can shave and exfoliate so you aren’t just standing in the shower doing nothing, bored as can be.
  3. Leave in conditioner: Also a must! After your shower, spray any type of leave-in conditioner in your hair, that way even when it dries it is still being moisturized.

Moisture is a must when it comes to my water-loving Insiders! Keep your hair healthy this summer with these tips.

XOXO, Chels