I have been a flying fiend recently! I spend lots of time on planes. If you are planning on doing some traveling any time soon, then you are going to want to read this article! I have listed a few of my beauty travel tips I use when I am traveling. Moving to Cali for college means flying to school, then flying home for breaks and to see my family, so these beauty tips will come in handy these next few years.aveeno-daily-moisturizer-ictcrop_gal

  1. Exfoliate pre-flight: The day before you fly, make sure to exfoliate. This will get all of those yucky dead skin cells off of your skin, and will also prepare you for #2 on this list.
  2. Moisturize it up: Flights can do a number on your skin. So, after you exfoliate, moisturize to the max! Also moisturize the day of your flight.
  3. Go easy on the makeup: The trick is to keep it light! You want to be comfy when you are traveling, and wearing a lot of makeup can make getting comfortable quite difficult. Keep it light, keep it comfy!
  4. Be ready to touch up: Odds are, after a day of traveling, your eyeliner is going to smear, your eyes are going to look tired, and your foundation is probably going to be smudged or cakey. Keep some highlighter and powder with you to brighten you up!

Safe travels!

XOXO, Chels