Getting a pedicure or doing your own is a summer must! It’s essential to have fabulously, colorful nails that stick-out with any outfit! It’s the only thing that won’t get ruined in the summer heat (aka: frizzy hair and melted makeup). So how exactly do you keep that pedi going strong after all that your feet go through?! Follow these simple tips for a long-lasting pedicure!Chelsea Crockett- cuticle oil

Have you ever walked on a sandy beach and noticed how dry your toes look after a certain amount of time? Like your skin, your nails can become dry and brittle. This also contributes to your polish chipping. Keep your toes moisturized and polish silky-smooth by applying cuticle oil to the area. It’s also important not to shower after “just because your toes are dry”. Give it a few hours before getting in water. There’s always a possibility that a little pocket can allow water to get under the polish.

If you’re doing your own pedicure, begin by cleaning your toes with acetone. This removes all oils from the toenails, which allows polish to stick better! It’s also important never skip the base and top coat! This will save you the time of touching them up in a few days. When you’re finished putting color on each toe, make sure there’s no polish on your skin. If there is polish attached to your nail and skin, the polish can tear off very easily. No one wants that!

Now get off your computer, go find some fun nail polish, and get your pedi on!!