When this time of the year rolls around, my excitement for summer starts to kick in. (And all of the pics of my friends at the beach over spring break surely don’t help!) The warm weather is finally here where I live which is one step closer to no school and sunny days! There are a few products I love to use when summer withdrawals start to kick in.

  1. I love covering myself in lotion the minute I get out of a warm shower. Chelsea Crockett - Bath and Body Hawaiian ScentsThe number one place to shop for my fave lotions is Bath & Body Works® (of course!). They have a line of Hawaiian scents in lotions, gels, body washes, etc. You can get a mango surf scent from Maui or a beach coconut smell from Waikiki. There’s a couple other aromas you can choose from as well!
  2. One of my top goals each year is to (hopefully) get as tan as I can during the summer! And with prom right around the corner, I like to try a couple self-tanners out to see if they can get the job done a little early. One that I’ve tried that turned out looking extremely natural is the L’Oreal® Sublime Bronze™ Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion. It doesn’t leave streaks and leaves you with a bronzed, beautiful body!
  3. During the summer, my hair actually turns a lot lighter! It’s like the sun gives me natural highlights, which I love! There are products that actually speed up this process and enhance those highlights. Sun-In hair lightener works really well and can be bought for only $4.99 at Ulta (or you can buy online, just click here!). You have to be careful because using too much might not turn out too well. Read the directions carefully and you’ll be just fine!

Hopefully these give you a sun kissed feeling when you’re missing the warm weather!

XOXO – Chelsea