Prom can be a difficult night to plan and prepare for. There are so many things you should have set even weeks or months in advance! Along with your plans, it’s a necessity to have your dress, jewelry, shoes, and everything else ready to go. Let me tell you, it can be stressful! I found and came up with some tips and hacks that will make prom flow much easier!

  • Oftentimes when I wear a pair of heels, my feet slide all over the place. Chelsea Crockett - Lipstick TipSpray your feet with hairspray, especially the heel, before putting on your shoes. This will prevent them from slipping all night long!
  • One of the most annoying things about makeup is how quickly it can fade or rub off. If you want your lipstick to last longer, add a thin layer of lipstick, then a layer of powder, followed by another thin layer of lipstick or gloss.
  • Carry a mini beauty kit in your clutch. Always have lip gloss, bobby pins, gum/mints, powder foundation, etc. Throw in whatever can fit and whatever you think could come in handy.
  • If an unexpected pimple pops up, there’s not much you can do to automatically get rid of it, but you’re not out of luck! Take an ice cube and apply it to the area for 30-45 seconds. It doesn’t get rid of it, but it reduces the redness around it and makes it less noticeable!

What prom hacks are you going to use this year? Let me know below so I can use them, too!

Love, Chelsea