Along with the perfect dress and pair of shoes, accessories and a trendy set of nails are much needed.  There are some shades, colors, and styles that are timeless and perfect for any prom theme.  Others are popular and trendy this season!  Check out my suggestions below!

            First off, the obvious neutrals.  Cream, brown, tan, etc. will always complement your dress well.  Also, you can’t go wrong with simple French tips.  They’re elegant, classy, and a timeless design to go with any gown.

            Another popular style that seems to be all around my school at least, and I’m sure yours too, is solid nails with a sparkly ring finger.  Look to your right for an example.  Adding a little shimmer to your fourth finger will bring more attention to your gorgeous jewelry and sparkly dress.

            Chelsea Crockett - Ombre NailsWe can’t forget about ombré nails!  Seen recently in New York Fashion Week, ombré is a classy way to show off your creative side.  Whatever color your dress may be, you can coordinate your polish, as well.  There are plenty of tutorials on how you can achieve the perfect set of ombré nails.  

            Let me know in the comment section below what trend you’re rockin’ this prom!

                                                              XOXO, Chelsea