Most people look down upon the theory of putting yourself first. Our world values the concept of putting others before yourself and doing what makes others around you happy.  While this is great and all, more people need to focus on themselves before they can put in the effort on someone else.  This could be linked as to why people are more stressed than they should be.  They are taught to make others happy, when in reality, they aren’t happy themselves.  Before you can love others you must first love yourself. Chelsea Crockett- loving yourself

When you’re constantly worrying about someone else’s problems, their problems can start to become your own. This can really weigh down on a person.  Sometimes the person that always tries to help everyone is the one person that is going through the most.  A big heart can carry big pain.  It’s okay to take care of yourself and then make sure others are okay as well.  It’s healthy.  Although it may sound taboo and selfish to some, never feel like a bad person for doing what’s best for you.

When you love yourself, the rest will follow.

I love you all!