Whenever you are cleaning out your closet, it would be totally helpful to have some guidelines and pointers, am I right?Today I am going to give you a few questions to ask yourself while you are cleaning out your closet that will hopefully make the process go easier and smoother!
1.  Does it fit me right now? – We all have those items in our closet that we say “when I lose a few pounds, THEN ill be able to fit into it”, but unless it’s within 1 size (2 max) from your current size, let it go to a new home! Don’t get me wrong, having clothes that give you motivation to work out and lose weight are great, but make sure that they are a realistic size!

2. Is it flattering? – Just because something ‘fits’ does not mean that it is flattering. Does the color wash you out? Does the fabric give you lumps & bumps? If so, let it go! You want to wear clothes that make you look and feel confident and beautiful!chelsea crockett closet organization

3.Do I love it? Would I re-buy it? – I know you are not over the moon for every single piece of clothing in your closet, but if you don’t love it anymore, put it in the GO pile! The other question to ask yourself is “If I was at a store and saw this piece of clothing, would I buy it again?” If not, say bye bye!

4. Will I actually wear it?  Does it fit my lifestyle? – We have all bought that fab skirt or daring heels thinking we would find somewhere to wear them. Years later, they’re still in the closet, collecting dust, with the tags still on them. Donate them to a resale shop and give someone else a chance to rock ’em!

Good luck cleaning out your closets ladies!

XOXO, Chels