P.E. is us girls’ most dreaded class: getting sweaty, rushing to get dressed, and running to your next class. I’d rather not! Whether you have a P.E. teacher that treats class like boot camp or only have it for one semester, you’ll need some tips for refreshing after. Here are a few tricks I’ve learned throughout my high school years, maybe they’ll help you, too!

If you have first hour P.E., you know the real struggle. First off, you can keep a few products in your backpack or gym locker for quick use. A trick I learned is, after you get all sweaty during class, using a baby wipe or makeup remover wipe and cleaning off your face with it (avoid taking off your eye makeup!). Then, reapply with a quick powder foundation if you have the time! Wiping off your face will remove any sweat or bacteria that’s left behind after class, which will help avoid acne from forming!

Chelsea Crockett - Tribal HeadbandNext, consider keeping some deodorant and/or perfume in your locker. This will make you feel and smell like you never even went to class! Also, carry a couple cute headbands with you. If your P.E. likes to mess up your hair, you can throw it in a messy bun or braid and rock a headband like the one on the left! These are super in right now and can be found at tons of stores like Forever 21 or Earthbound.

I hope these tips help you out after your gym class! Good luck!