Have you ever seen someone with gorgeous fake eyelashes and wondered if you could pull off those luscious lashes, too? Whether you worry about looking unnatural or hurting your real lashes, there are several pros to fake lashes… but with pros come cons and I’m here to help you decipher the two!   So, here are my thoughts on the great debate: real vs. fake?


  • Infections. Not that these are very commonChelsea Crockett - Fake Eyelashes or unavoidable, but they can occur! As long as you use your fake lashes and yours only, then the risk of infection goes way down. Sharing isn’t always good :)! Be extra careful you don’t accidentally get yours switched up with your friends. (Make sure you’re not allergic, too!  Yikes!)
  • You have to be very careful when putting on your false lashes. If you’re wearing long-lasting ones, you have to be sure not to drip the glue onto your real lashes. You don’t want to accidentally pull off your real ones when taking off your fake ones! Ouch!
  • The cost is yet another con. Although a set of fake lashes aren’t super pricey, they’re still more than mascara. With mascara, you have several days’ uses for long lashes instead of continually paying the price for false ones.


  • The most obvious pro is making your lashes look lusher, fuller, and longer than they actually are. If you’re one that has thin, short eyelashes, these might be for you!
  • Another fun positive is being able to dress up your look. Having bolder eyes than you normally do can make your makeup look more formal, and can even brighten up your whole look!
  • False lashes come in a huge variety of sizes, shapes, prices, etc. You can get individual lashes that are more natural looking or go full out and get a thick strip to make your eyes pop!

I prefer real lashes for the more natural look and quick application, but I’ll let you decide! So… real or fake?

XO, Chels