Are any of you pretty ladies road trippin’ this spring break? A few of my friends are, and it got me thinking of some tips I could give you all if you are planning on spending a few hours in the car over break! Here are 3 tips to make your road trip run as smooth as molasses.

1. Make a “road trip” playlist! I have a blog up about some great songs for this spring break, so check it out! When you are listening to tunes, you have your own soundtrack to your trip! It makes the time fly and it will keep you happy and energized. You can add some audio books to your playlist, too, if you want to get some reading in on your trip!chelsea crockett road trip

2. Clean out your ride. Nothing is worse than being crammed in the back of the car along with last week’s McDonald’s remains and forgotten granola bar wrappers. And don’t forget those smelly soccer cleats! Before you leave, clean out everything that doesn’t have a place in your car, and you can even vacuum it for good measure! Keep an empty Walmart bag in the car to throw food wrappers or trash you may accumulate on your trip.

3. Pack a pillow, blanket, snacks, and water. You want to be cozy if you are the passenger, and you want to be fed and hydrated! Also, by keeping your own snacks and water in the car with you, it will allow you not to have to take as many stops to buy food, which cuts down your travel time!

Now go hop in your car, blare “Life is a Highway” and road trip it up!

XOXO, Chels


Photo source: Getty Images