We’ve all been victims of it…dry, flakey lips.  They’re the worst!  You pile on layers and layers of Chap Stick, and still, NOTHING!  So how can you beat the dreaded winterized lips?  I promise there is a way!

            Start off by trying not to lick your lips.  A lot of people think that when they’re lips get dry, then they need to lick them.  Wrong!  This will actually end up drying out your lips more since it is removing your lips natural oils.  Another way to have soft lips is to apply chap stick the right way!  Go for a lip balm that says “moisturizing” or “medicated”.  These types of balms hold moisture in, while repairing the damage.  For extra protection apply a wax or petroleum jelly seal over the top to really set the balm.

Lip scrubs are a great quick fix.  The sugar crystals will gently remove the dead skin, while the oil will replenish moisture and create a soft surface.  Just be sureChelsea Crockett- lip scrub not to over exfoliate.  You don’t want to create sensitive lips!  Get rid of the pesky winter lips by taking care of them the right way!