We have all had those days where we wake up and our hair looks like a bird has started nesting in it. Bad hair days are the worst because we are helpless in the fight against our hair and it can feel like there is nothing you can do to make it look remotely better.  Here is a handy dandy list of ways that you can beat your next bad hair day, or even prevent it!

  1. Is your hair dull or brassy? Give your hair natural shine by taking fish oil supplements! Along with a ton of other health benefits, fish oil works from the inside out, giving you naturally glossy strands.FullSizeRender (6)
  2. Running late or have horribly unmanageable hair? Braid it up. Braided hairstyles are your bff on days when you just don’t want to mess with your hair because they mask the craziness!
  3. Steer clear of hair products that have silicones or sulfates in them. Those chemicals dry out your hair and disrupt it’s natural wave/curl pattern. This means mega frizz! Also, maintaining a healthy diet can really benefit the health of your hair. Avoid eating too much salt, sugar, caffeine and carbonated beverages.
  4. Topknots = lifesaver. These high buns keep your hair out of your face and disguise the mess it really is!
  5. Use them! Blair Waldorf set a great example for us. Headbands add a little extra oomf to hair if it needs something to spice it up and it keeps your strands out of your face.
  6. Are you battling static electricity and flyaways? Rub a dryer sheet over your hair!
  7. When straightening your locks, pull the hair up towards the ceiling when running it through the straightener to add volume to the ‘do.

Bad hair days be gone!

XOXO, Chels