The world is a huge place full of beauty secrets just waiting for their big reveal.  Some of these beauty secrets, such as Moroccan Oil from Morocco for shiny and healthy hair, have taken the world by storm!  Many other countries have their own beauty secrets that you can try in your own home!  Check out how to get heathy and feel beautiful from around the globe!Chelsea Crockett- milk oats and honey

Australia:  Got dandruff?  No problem!  Adding a few drops of tea tree oil to your normal shampoo will get rid of the problem in no time!

Egypt:  For soft skin, bathe in milk and honey.  This one dates back all the way to the time of the pyramids!

Brazil:  If you didn’t already know this, oats are great for your skin!  In Brazil, they place oatmeal in a filter bag and place it over their faucet in the bathtub.  Once the hot water has filtered through the oats, you’ve got yourself a sunburn relief bath!

Costa Rica:  If you have large pores and would like to shrink them for a short-term effect, mix together orange juice and water and use a cotton ball to rub the mixture on your skin.  Let the juice sink in for a few minutes and then continue to wash your face as you normally would!  Your pores should be noticeably smaller.

Spain:  Remove dark under eye circles by placing a sliced potato on your eyes.  This will lighten the skin!

The world has got some pretty great ideas!  It’s time we take advantage of them!