Hey insiders!  Every girl wants to know how to get their hair soft, shiny, and most importantly, healthy.  With endless treatments of various shampoos and gels, it gets frustrating trying to find successful ways to treat your hair.  What girls don’t look for are the things you can do at home without expensive products.  Here are a few secrets to getting those healthy locks.Chelsea Crockett - Hair

            First, condition your ends each time your hair is damp or wet even if you don’t shampoo it each time you’re in the shower.  This helps with tangles and also keeps your hair moisturized.  I hate when my hair feels dried out, so this tip definitely solves the problem.

            Second, let your hair flow every once and a while.  Pulling back your hair on a daily basis creates damage and causes your strands to break.  If you’re the kind of person who relies on up-dos, try pinning your hair up with clips or pins.  Avoiding elastic bands will decrease the breakage in your hair.

            Lastly, monitor the amount of heat applied on your hair.  Too much of anything can be bad so avoid straightening or curling your hair every day.  Try putting it into a simple braid or, if you can, leave it natural.

            Along with these, there are many more secrets to discover in order to receive healthy, beautiful hair.  I hoped this helped and good luck!