As a girl, makeup is a big deal.  I mean, what would we do without it?!  Getting together with friends is always a fun time…doing each other’s makeup and trying out your friends’ makeup is all part of the fun!  Unfortunately, we don’t think of the germs, bacteria, and viruses that we may be sharing.  Yuck!!  So, how bad is it to share makeup?  Let’s take a look:Chelsea Crockett- sharing Makeup

When it comes to powered foundations, blush, and liquid foundations, go ahead and share!!  The trick here is to use your own brush.  Just make sure your brush and face are clean and apply!  No harm done.

Lip and eye products are a big “no-no”.  Your mouth can transfer cold sores, colds, and other viruses.  The swipe of someone else’s lip gloss, lip balm, or lip stick can create a potential risk.  It’s not worth it!  Mascara, eye liner, and eye shadow brushes are other beauty products that should not be shared.  Surprisingly, bacteria and viruses like pink eye can be transferred by sharing these simple products.  Crazy, right?!  Next time you ask to use your friends’ makeup, think twice about what products you are borrowing.  Be careful and don’t spread the germs!


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