Contouring is a difficult process that I’m still learning to perfect myself. One side is always too dark, too light, too whatever, and it’s hard to master the process! Chelsea Crockett - Smashbox TrioSmashbox has come out with a much easier way to successfully contour… So, for those of you that want a quick and easy process, follow this three step guide.

To start out, you’ll need to purchase Smashbox’s Step-by-Step Contour Stick Trio pictured on the left. This product includes three different makeup sticks: the contour, the highlighter, and the bronzer. The main focus of this trio is to shape and define your jawline, nose, and of course, cheekbones. The contour stick adds the shaping feature to your face while the highlight stick brings brightness to the area. Chelsea Crockett - ContourThe bronzer works to blend the two together to create the perfect blended contour!

Once you’ve bought the set, you’re ready to begin! Depending on your skin tone and face structure, you’ll have to play around with where and how much you’ll apply to your skin. Add the contour stick to the areas shown on the picture to the right. Then apply the highlight stick to the areas above the cheekbones. Finish by blending the two together with the bronze stick!

Smashbox considers this trio one of their favorites because it “mimics perfect lighting.” So… what are you waiting for?!

XO – Chelsea