Hi Insiders!

Smelling good is definitely essential.  It feels great putting on a new perfume and walking out of the house.  Even trying new perfumes is fun!  Unfortunately over time, your sweet smell will wear off.  Lucky for you, I’ve got a few simple tips to make your perfume last longer.  Smell amazing all the time!

Rubbing in perfume on your wrists and neck are the most popular areas to spray your sweet aroma.  Although most people do this, don’t!  Instead, spray your perfume in the air and walk through it so it will stick to your clothes.  If you spray the perfume on your neck or wrists don’t rub it in.  This causes the scent to disappear more quickly.  Let it dry on the surface of your skin.  Even try spraying perfume or Febreze in your closet to make your clothes smell fresh all the time!  If your perfume comes with a lotion and gel combo, then be sure to use it!  That’s one of the simplest ways to smell amazing!Chelsea Crockett- perfume

Another great way to smell great is to use shoe spray.  Your shoes are one of the smelliest clothing items in your closest.  Have fresh smelling feet with scented odor dissolving spray!  One of the newest fragrant products is scented nail polish.  Check out your local department to have delectable smelling hands!

Smell lovely beauty gurus!Smile


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