Do you ever get sick of your hair color?  I know I do!  Of course I’ll never do anything dramatic like dye my hair blonde, but adding a hint of color is a great way to spice up your look.  Some colors are more daring than others, but in the end a slight change in color is all you need!

            If you’re sick of your blonde hair, there are two really great options to change up your blonde hair color.  If you want to go lighter, try icy blonde highlights.  The highlights will add to your natural color without making your hair look too blonde, or worse…white!  If you’re looking to go darker without going brunette, adding honey highlights will do the trick!  You could even try going strawberry blonde for a more daring look.

Brunettes have a lot of options when it comes to changing up their hair color.  Adding dark or light brown highlights is an easy transition to a different shade of brown.  If you’re looking for a more daring color, try adding dark red or plum undertones to your hair.  The change won’t be too dramatic, but the colors will really stand out in the light! Chelsea Crockett- red hair When it comes to black hair, there isn’t much that can be changed; but if you want to try something really different try adding blue undertones to your hair.  This will make your black hair appear softer, but have an edge to it.

I do not recommend dying your hair on your own.  Go to a trusted salon for any of your hair color desires and talk to your parents first!