As most of you know, I recently attended Beautycon LA in July. It was such a fun weekend and definitely the best Beautycon I have ever experienced! Every time we go to one of these events, we come home with lots of goodies such as makeup and face products. This past trip, my goodie bag had a Face & Body Brush by My Life My Shop in it. I wanted to give a little review of this awesome product! Chelsea Crockett - The Spin Brush

Once you receive the product, you’ll find four different attachments for the brush. Each one has a different purpose. The first one is a cleansing facial brush and the second is an exfoliating facial brush. You have to be gentle with your skin while using them both. Using either of them too much can hurt your skin, so make sure to use them gently, especially the exfoliating brush (and especially if you have sensitive skin!). If you do so, your skin will look fab! The amount of acne on my face started to decrease, especially surface acne. It really works! As for the other two attachments, one is a pumice stone and the other is a body brush. Both are perfect for pampering and polishing your body. You can use it in the shower without worrying about it getting damaged by water. You’ll have to try it out for yourself!

XOXO – Chelsea