Spoons: handy eating utensil and surprisingly useful beauty tool. These shiny silver pieces of silverware aren’t just for eating anymore, they are a handy getting-ready essential! Here are a few ways to use spoons that don’t involve transporting food to your mouth.spoon beauty

  1. Contouring: angle a spoon on your face along your cheek bone and use it as a contouring guide!
  2. Nail art: Mix a few nail polish colors on a spoon and then press it to your nail for a marbled effect.
  3. Mascara guard/winged eyeliner guide: Place a spoon over your eyelid while you apply mascara as a guard to prevent unwanted mascara marks on your lids. You can also use it to help draw on winged eyeliner.
  4. De-puff eyes: Set a spoon in the freezer and leave it for a while, then take it out and apply it to your under-eyes to shrink eye bags!

See, spoons are way more handy than you might think!

XOXO, Chels