Spring is the perfect time to rock a midi skirt. What is a midi skirt, you ask? It is a skirt that is in-between the length of a maxi skirt and a mini skirt. It comes to your knees and is a classy, retro piece that I love! Midi skirts are perfect for spring because they are not too long so you don’t get too hot, and not to short so you don’t get chilly! Here are a few of my favorite spring midi skirt styles.

  1. Floral: I love this floral midi from Lulus. It has sort of a watercolor look to it. The floral print is so feminine and darling! This ensemble would be the perfect grad party wear.a2aec59da4975e57c00706b85a5f7414
  2. Pastel: Pastel midis are chic and classic. They give you an understated, elegant look that is just timeless. If you desire a simple, sweet ensemble, pair a pastel midi skirt with a simple sweater and wedges or heels. This is a great spring church outfit or brunch look!
  3. Bright: If you are looking to make a statement, then grab a bright colored midi! I love this hot pink retro-ish skirt. It gives off a fun, carefree vibe. This skirt is also from Lulus!pink

So, what do you think, will you try the midi skirt style this spring?

XOXO, Chels