As you all know, I am a firm believer in high-waisted shorts. They are flattering on anyone! This spring I am so excited for one of the new up and coming trends. What is it, you may ask? High waisters and sweaters! Genius!

chelsea crockett spring fashion

The reasons I love wearing my high waisted shorts with sweaters are endless. First of all, it is the perfect mixture of cold and warm. Your legs are exposed so you may be a bit chilly on those brisk spring days, but you upper half is super warm and cozy because of your sweater! What a happy medium! Also, I just love the look of an oversized sweater halfway tucked into the shorts, just like the picture in this article. I love the messy, easy going look. Another reason I love this trend is the fact that I can put off packing up my winter sweaters that I love so much! I can still wear my favorite sweater with my beloved high waisted shorts! Pair your sweater and shorts with a pair of converse or combat boots and you are all set to swing into spring!

XOXO, Chels