This spring, I’m going boho! I am seeing a strong bohemian style represented in the fashion trends for this spring. I love the bohemian trend because it is so whimsical and free spirited! Here are a few ways that you can rock this unique style:

 1. Natural hair and headbands. In the boho trend, natural wavy hair and printed headbands are key. Flower headbands are also big. Let your hair air dry or scrunch it so that it has some wave to it, and then add in a headband and wear it like a halo! You can see this style in the pictures above.Chelsea Crockett Boho Trend

2. Flowey, light colored clothing. In the picture above you can see the girl wearing a loose, flowey white dress. When I think spring, I think light colors! This loose white dress makes me want to frollick through a meadow of wild flowers, am I right? That is what the boho style represents, free spirited attitudes.

3. Bangle bracelets and rings. As you can see in the picture above, bracelets are a big part of this trend. The more bangles the better! Also, brass and silver rings are a must in this trend! Wide brimmed hats are totally in, also. The brown hat in the picture above is a great example!

 I will definitely be sporting this trend this spring and summer! Will you?

XOXO, Chels