The Fourth of July is just around the corner.  What better way to top off your star spangled look than with red, white, and blue nail art?  Thank God we have the freedom to have fun with patriotic nails :).  Some girls (like my mom!) want to have fun, flashy, colorful nails.  You can fill your nail beds with stars, stripes, glitter and more.Chelsea Crockett - Fourth of July Nail

Other tastes, like the nails on the right, are more subtle. I’m more of a simple nails kind of girl so these are what I would go for! (Plus they’re easier to create!)  You can decorate with polka dots, chevron patterns, stripes, anything patriotic! You could paint all of your nails red but leave your ring finger to carry the flair of the US flag or simply a white star like the picture on the right.  It’s exciting to play around with your nails especially on holidays because there are so many different ways to decorate them.

I hope you enjoy family, friends, and fireworks on this Fourth of July! – Chelsea