Social media can be addicting.  Always wanting to stay up to date with what everyone is doing can become routine!  I sometimes find myself having trouble putting my phone down during homework or studying, so… I came up with a few tips on how to block out social media when you need to get the job done!

  • First off, start simple.  If you know you can’t stay off your phone, then turn it off or put it in another room! Chelsea Crockett - Social Media Addict That way you won’t even see your phone light up or feel it vibrate.  It’s a simple solution and you wind up distraction free!
  • If you like to check your social media on a computer or laptop, then I highly recommend you check out this website if you get distracted easily when studying.  I know I’ve mentioned this in another article, but blocks you from any website you tell it to!  You can also pick the amount of time it’ll lock you out for which is really cool!
  • Put your phone on “do not disturb” so your phone isn’t constantly vibrating or going off every time you get an Instagram like or Twitter notification!
  • If you really can’t keep your hands off your phone, set a timer that goes off every 30 minutes, hour, etc.  When the timer goes off, treat yourself by checking your phone but limit yourself to only so much time!

What study tips do you have for me?  Let me know below, I could use them!

XOXO – Chels