Ladies, if you have a dude in your life then odds are you try to keep him in mind when you are getting ready to see him. Do you ever wonder what sort of hair style your dude prefers? Well, here are a few hair styles that, according to surveys, guys like the most.

  1. Soft waves: Reportedly, guys like hair that is wavy and soft. It looks feminine and sweet! Curl your hair with a big barrel curling iron and then separate the curls with your fingers to achieve this look.FB3A9969-X2
  2. Natural hair: If your hair has a natural texture to it, flaunt it! According to dudes, the less “torture” you put your hair through the better.
  3. Easy updoo: This can range from a simple bun to a curly creation! Guys like the casual yet glamorous look this gives off.
  4. Beachy bedhead: Not only do girls love beachy waves, guys do too! They say it looks fun and carefree.
  5. Sporty pony: It never occurred to me that guys liked the laid back look, but apparently a lot of guys like sporty high ponies!

Now, ladies, you should never let a guy dictate how you think and feel about yourself. This list was just to show you a few looks that the dude in your life might fancy.

You do you, and he will be head over heels!


XOXO, Chels