Swimming at the pool or beach is all fun and games most of the time.  But those long days in the water can sometimes pose a problem to your hair and skin.  I found some tips that are super beneficial to recover from a day at the pool.  There are many swim fixes that can make your summer much more enjoyable and worry-free!

As teenage girls, most of us like to shave our legs, armpits, and sometimes our bikini lines.  Sometimes we end up with the much dreaded razor burns and bumps.  Chelsea Crockett - SunBum Hair SunscreenFor these, they can be relieved with a little aloe vera and lotion.  To prevent them from coming back, wait a few days before shaving over the area again.  This will stop the bumps from getting irritated and flaring up.

Sometimes day’s spent in the water can put your hair and skin in chlorine overload.  It’s known for drying out the moisture in your skin.  In order to hydrate it, rub raw coconut oil on your skin a couple times a day.  This should help restore any missing moisture that was taken!  As far as hair goes, being in the sun can lighten it dramatically, especially if you dye it.  There are many brands that actually sell hair sunscreen that protect your locks from sun damage!  Just spray it on and you’re set for the day!

I hope these make you less worrisome when it comes to long days of water exposure.  Do you have any extra tips that work for you?  Let me know insiders! 🙂

XO – Chels