Hey ladies!  Keeping your skin healthy is a daily struggle for girls year round, but during the summer this task seems even more difficult.  As we all know, there are lots of products to try out on our skin to reduce unwanted breakouts.  But what we don’t know is that there are many things we can do in our everyday routine to reduce our imperfections.

            Chelsea Crockett - WaterSince it is summer, most of us will be spending the majority of our time outside in the high temperatures and hot sun.  Be sure to get very comfortable with H2O.  Water helps maintain the moisture in our skin and body.  Our body needs at least eight glasses of water to stay properly hydrated.  If you’re a soda or coffee drinker and need your daily boost of caffeine, you’ll need to triple the amount of water you drink!

            Because summer is a time for fun in the sun activities, make sure you apply (and reapply) sunscreen!  Some of us think we only need to apply sunscreen once and we’re set for the day.  But studies show that to have full protection, we must apply every hour and a half to two hours.  If we don’t, the result will be a sunburn.  Sunburns damage the molecules in our skin and produce redness, pain, swelling, and sometimes peeling.  Another negative is that they make you feel hot and tired, and who wants that?Chelsea Crockett - Exfoliating Skin

            Another quick tip is to exfoliate your skin.  Doing this gets rid of the dead skin on your face.  If you don’t get rid of it, it sets on your face making it look dry, dead, and dull. 

            Hope this helps you get glowing and healthy skin!

                                                                                       XO – Chels