Makeup can be hard to wear in the summer.  If you live somewhere like me, then you know what I’m talking about.  The constant heat and humidity almost melts the makeup right off my face; not to mention the oily skin!  I’ve got a few beauty hacks for you to try to minimize sticky, sweaty summer makeup.  Don’t worry ladies, when there’s a will there’s a way! Chelsea Crockett- Sweat-Proof Summer Makeup

If you have oily skin right off the bat, try a mattifying moisturizer.  This will give any foundation you apply that matte look.  You can also opt for a matte powder foundation.  I suggest staying away from liquid!  I also like to keep my setting spray in the fridge to automatically reduce puffiness as my makeup sets.  Although it can be annoying to take off, it’s important to stick to waterproof makeup.  This will reduce running, especially around the eye area!  It’s so easy to accidently wipe your makeup off when you’re sweating!  Mascara can start to run too!  By damping your eye brush with water before applying your shadow, you will create a glaze and keep it from rubbing off in the heat!

If you follow these simple tips next time you’ll be out in the heat, you’ll keep a flawless face!!