Hey lovelies!  Whitening your teeth can be super expensive and somewhat bad for your teeth, but I’m sure there are a few tips you haven’t come across.  Although teeth whitening has its benefits, it comes along with dangers as well.  It can cause your teeth to become more sensitive as well as your gums.  There are a few whitening tips that will do the job without the costly prices and dangers.

A free way to help your teeth keep their color is to avoid certain foods and drinks.  Drinks such as coffee,Chelsea Crockett - White Teeth soda, and tea are just a few beverages that stain your teeth.  Berries, soy sauce, popsicles, and candy are foods that also have an effect on the brightness of your teeth.

            My favorite and most used trick to brighten up my smile is baking soda.  If you take a little cup and mix a ½ teaspoon of baking soda and a ½ teaspoon of water then you end up with your own whitening paste!  After that, just brush!  I recommend doing this only once or twice a week so you don’t end up with damaged gums.

              Crest® 3D whitestrips are a great product to buy if you want your teeth whitened well and quick.  If you’re interested, find them here: http://tiny.cc/Crest3DWhitestrips.  Although they’re a little more expensive, you’ll be sure to have fantastic results and bright, pearly whites!

XOXO – Chelsea