In 1976, two twin sisters from Indiana decided to open up their own makeup shop in dreams of becoming successful business women. The two sisters did just that! Benefit cosmetics is a makeup line that makes you look and feel amazing. After opening their shop, the line continued to grow and is still getting bigger. Here are a few highlights of the brand!

The amount of unique products Benefit offers is crazy. If you are in need of some eye shadow, they sell a new creaseless cream shadow. They have around ten different colors to choose from, all with super fun and cute names such as bikini-tini and bronze have more fun :)!  Check them out here:

Benefit has a multitude of high-end skincare products. Whether you have dull, oily, stressed, or thirsty skin, there’s a product to take care of the job. And for those of you with unwelcomed dark circles? Benefit’s “Erase Paste” will make them disappear like magic! Not only dark circles, but other imperfections and blemishes as well.Chelsea Crockett - Benefit Skincare

For those of you that have a slight addiction to online shopping (like me), Benefit’s website is one to keep you busy for a while! They have a unique section of the site called “Beauty School” that lets you see different tutorials to try out for yourself and the different products to help you achieve that look. This can be a way to help you figure out what products you want to purchase!

What are you waiting for? Go discover the benefits of Benefit!

XO -Chelsea