Walking through a makeup store and seeing foundation for $30.00 isn’t appealing to most people.  I mean, why buy that foundation when you can buy a different foundation for $8.00 somewhere else?  The truth is that the price of the makeup doesn’t mean anything; it’s the formula you should be looking at.  Inexpensive makeup doesn’t always mean you’re getting a lesser quality of makeup, you’re just getting more bang for your buck!

When shopping for makeup, the more expensive something is doesn’t always mean it’s better; although you usually get what you paid for.  Most high-end makeup stores offer products that are safe for all skin types and are not made with foreign chemicals; but this doesn’t mean you can’t find these types of makeup at other department stores.  Brands like L’Oreal, Neutrogena, and NYX offer good quality makeup for a fair price.  Next time you buy makeup, check out the ingredients, not the price.  If it is free of irritants (alcohol, menthol, oils), then you are most likely getting a good product.  Never settle for makeup just because it is cheap!Chelsea Crockett- nyx makeup

Spending less doesn’t hurt your skin and spending more doesn’t always help it.  What matters is that you are using good makeup.  The benefits of good makeup will soon pay off for your skin.