Dealing with dry and damaged hair can be a hassle.  Many products that deal with unruly hair can cause greasy roots and hair that won’t style easily.  Many try home remedies that can cause a mess and don’t do the job properly.  So, what does this leave you with?  Moroccan oil!  It’s one of the hottest hair treatments that can be used once a day and will reverse years of damage from your hair.  It’s easy to use and does wonders…check it out!

Moroccan oil, also known as argon oil, is typically grown in Morocco from the argon tree.  It is a fatty acid that is full of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin E.  The high content of fatty acids makes it the perfect moisturizer for dry and damaged hair.  It can also improve the appearance by adding a nice shine.

Moroccan oil is so easy to use!  Before applying the oil, make sure to wash, towel dry, and brush your hair.  Place a penny sized dot of Moroccan oil onChelsea Crockett- moroccan oil the palm of your hand and start working it into your hair starting at the tips and working your way up.  Don’t put the Moroccan oil on your roots, for it might make your hair appear greasy.  Do this every day and soon enough, your hair will look better than ever!  Check out the link below to purchase Moroccan oil!