Summertime is all about the pool and the beach!  Believe it or not, swimming in a salt water pool or the ocean actually has its benefits!  When it comes to your hair and skin, salt water works wonders.  No wonder our skin is bronzed and glowing in the summertime!Chelsea Crockett- beach hair

  • Salt water is a cleaning agent and a miracle for acne prone skin! The salt is very affective in clearing mild acne and can help smooth over scars. When you pick at zits, they can often start to bleed and scab over. Salt water helps clean out those sores and heal them faster!
  • Have you ever noticed how your hair is dry after swimming in the ocean? That’s because salt water acts as a natural shampoo. It rids your scalp of oils that make your hair greasy and dirty. It also acts as an exfoliator for your scalp and can help get rid of dandruff!
  • Salt water can help clear your head. If your nose is stopped up, salt water can help clear your nasal passages so you can breathe again! It’s a wonderful, natural way to take care of your sinus problems!

Instead of going to the dermatologist or doctor this summer, hit the beach instead!  It’s time to jump in the ocean!