Winter is a time when most people’s complexion tends to be lighter.  We spend less time in the sun and more time indoors, therefore the sun hardly reaches our skin.  Lipstick can be a scary thing to try when you’re feeling pale and many colors can wash you out easily.  It’s important to find the perfect winter shade for any occasion.Chelsea Crockett- dark winter lipstick

It’s officially time to put your hot pinks and corals to the side.  Winter is the time to break out deep reds and plum purples.  If you’re aiming for a bold look, try one of these colors with a smoky eye to balance out your face.  In contrast, icy colors such as a cool nude or light pink are also acceptable for a more laid back approach.  Pair this with a shimmery eye and thin eyeliner.  It’s so important to keep a good balance throughout your whole face.  You don’t want one half to be too overdone.  The most important rule when picking a winter color is to avoid warm oranges and hot pinks.  They scream summer!  Don’t get your seasons confused!

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and rock a maroon lipstick.  It will look beautiful!