Over the weekend, I discovered an amazing shop that makes organic, healthy products with an incredible mission!  The Body Shop® is a British brand that has made its mark globally in over 60 countries around the world (including the US, YAY!).  I wanted to give you a little insight on the brand and a description of what products they have to offer!Chelsea Crockett - The Body Shop Products

First, let’s start with their mission.  The Body Shop® started in 1976 to be used as a force for good.  Their main mission is to enrich people as well as the planet.  All of their products are naturally-inspired meaning they work with farmers to get natural, organic ingredients from all around the world.  They never, and will never, test their products on animals and are very passionate about staying true to this!

Now onto their products.  They have anything and everything revolving around skincare, including cleansers, facial treatments, face masks, serums, etc.  They also sell products revolving around bath, body, makeup, hair, and fragrance.  You can find a product for any one of your needs whether it be sun damage or dry skin!

Are you interested in checking The Body Shop® out?  If so, visit one of their shops or go online at thebodyshop-usa.com!

XOXO – Chelsea