Dying your hair encompasses many pros and cons.  Although a fresh new look comes with switching up your color, some disadvantages included in dying can outweigh the benefits. I’m here to tell you the do’s and don’ts of hair dying to help decrease any mishaps!


  • DON’T dye your hair too frequently.  This causes your hair to dry out and eventually become brittle.
  • DON’T go too dark or too light. Take your skin tone into consideration. What will compliment you best?
  • DON’T impulse dye your hair. If we’re talking permanent dying, think long and hard on what color you’ll be stuck with. If worst comes to worst, you can always dye it back quickly, but that can dry out your hair tremendously!


  • DO know your products. If you’re dying your hair yourself, read up on reviews of the product you’re using. 
  • DO know what you’re doing. Too many times can dying your hair yourself go very wrong. Make sure you read instructions and have some extra help!
  • DO take into consideration that the dye could irritate your skin. Sometimes the dye can affect your scalp or surrounding skin. Be careful with what products you choose!

Hopefully these tips can help you decide: to dye or not to dye?